Freebie Friday! Tribe Hummus!

  December 19, 2011  |    Uncategorized

It’s Freebie Friday!

If you want a healthy way to add pizzazz to your veggies, sandwiches and breads, you’re in luck! Tribe hummus is the perfect addition. And you can win two containers!
If you’ve never had hummus, you’re in for a treat. Tribe hummus is delicious! Hummus is a good source of protein and fiber and it’s low in saturated fat. Tribe Hummus is all natural hummus with absolutely nothing artificial. You can have 2 tablespoons of hummus for just 70 calories, compared to about 200 in mayo!

We love Tribe’s four new culinary-inspired flavors – Mediterranean Style, Olive Tapenade, Cilantro Chimichurri and Savory Mushroom. The Mediterranean Style and Savory Mushroom are our personal faves, but they’re all delish!

Can’t think of ways to include hummus? Try these:

Do you want your holiday entertaining to be healthier? We always try to cut the fat but keep the cheer in our holiday tables. This year, skip the onion dip and ranch dressing, and serve up some all natural Tribe Hummus along with your crudité and cracker platters for an extra bite of protein, fewer calories and a boost of fiber.

Looking for a healthier office snack? A great way to eat healthy during the workday is to keep smarter snacks at your desk. Ditch those greasy chips and sugary candy for a few healthy snack choices like Tribe Hummus and whole grain crackers. Check out to learn more about hummus.

Leave a comment here, on our facebook page or on twitter using the hashtag #NTTribe telling us which of the new hummus flavors sounds best to you (Mediterranean Style, Olive Tapenade, Cilantro Chimichurri or Savory Mushroom) and you’ll be entered in the raffle to be one of two people to win two free hummus containers!

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