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  December 26, 2011  |    Blog

It’s time for a TLC diet plan…On December 19, The American Heart Association reported that changes in blood pressure during middle age could affect the risk for heart disease and stroke.

Normal blood pressure levels lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, while those who do not maintain or those who increase their blood pressure during middle age have the highest risk. The following chart shows you how you’re doing…


Systolic pressure (mm Hg) Diastolic pressure (mm Hg) Normal Blood Pressure Ranges
120 80 Normal
130 85 Above Normal
140 90 High
160 100 Hypertension
180 110 Serious!!!

Unfortunately, blood pressure can be hereditary, so some of us can’t help SOME of the hike that happens as we age…but, the blood pressure hike that isn’t hereditary is…

you guessed it…


That means diet, exercise, and stress levels affect your blood pressure.

We all know that we should be exercising, that we should practice relaxing, and that we should pay attention to our bodies. We should take a rest when we need to.

These things can be hard to achieve with our busy lives!

How about making an easy change with a heart healthy diet?

The TLC diet is a diet plan that dietitians give to people with heart problems and hypertension. It’s not a bad idea to follow even if you’re not at risk.

If we follow TLC we simply keep fats to <30% of our daily diet, <7% from saturated fats, and try to stay away from trans fats altogether. Dietary cholesterol should be <300mg/day and sodium should stay <2000mg/day.

This really isn’t all that hard to do.

Just eat fresh, eat mindfully, and make healthy choices.

Start with your snacks! Having a piece of fruit, a handful of almonds, or a bag of sliced raw veggies on hand will keep you out of the office lounge and away from those donuts and pastries that scream heart attack!

It’s a great idea to be proactive about our hearts and to keep as active, attentive, and healthy as possible.

So start taking yourself and your health seriously!

Here’s to a healthier you!

What do you include in your diet for TLC type foods?

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