Keep moving…Together!

  December 28, 2011  |    Blog

OK, it’s the midpoint between Christmas and New Years. You’ve indulged. We all have. Now, let’s not get too comfortable with our time off. Let’s make something of it!

Today is a great day to get moving. If you’re still visiting relatives or friends, bundle up and take a walk together or hop in the car and head for the gym, or an exercise class, as a family.

Sometimes family time can be a little stressful too! We all love our families but there’s only so much togetherness we can handle!

A great way to help keep the vibe positive is family yoga. Your local studio most likely has classes throughout the day. It’d be great to go together, get some good vibes going and some healthy juices flowing and then go grab a healthy, light lunch together.

Healthy togetherness brings up all of our spirits and makes us closer.

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