It’s Freebie Friday! Stretch Island Fruit Co!

  January 20, 2012  |    Blog

If you grew up loving fruit leathers, this may be your lucky day!

Although Stretch Island Fruit Company has been making all-natural snacks since 1976, they’re unlike the fruit leathers that most of us grew up with—they’re not loaded with added sugar. In fact, they’re all-natural and contain 99 percent real fruit. Each fruit strip is the nutritional equivalent to one-half serving of whole fruit and it will feel like a real dessert.

One of our favorite parts? It’s only 45 calories and sodium, fat, and cholesterol free. There’s seven different flavors to choose from including orchard cherry, summer strawberry, mango sunrise, autumn apple, harvest grape, abundant apricot and ripened raspberry.

Tell us which flavor sounds best to you here on our blog or on our Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #NTStretchIsland and you’ll be entered in the raffle to be one of two lucky winners to receive a Stretch Island Fruit Company sampler!

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