February is Heart Health Month!

  January 23, 2012  |    Blog

February is Heart Health Month! So to celebrate, some of our blogs this month will be dedicated to heart health topics, including heart healthy recipes and workouts to help you take action and that will help you to keep your heart healthy!

Did you know that heart disease is the number one cause of death in America?

Every 25 seconds, an American has a “coronary event,” and one person every minute will die from one.
Don’t worry, you have control over it! A healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition are the best ways to fight heart disease. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose lean meats and poultry without skin and prepare them without adding extra fat.
  • Use fat-free and low-fat dairy products.
  • Cut back on foods high in dietary cholesterol
  • Avoid beverages and foods with added sugars.
  • Reduce sodium intake as much as possible.
  • If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation.
  • Keep an eye on your portion sizes.
  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator at school or the mall. If you’re not used to climbing stairs, just start with one flight. Soon, you’ll be ready for two.
  • Park your car at the far end of the parking lot. The short walk to and from the store or school helps your heart. (We know you’ve heard this before, but it’s such a great, small way to start!)
  • If you ride a bus or subway, get off a stop before your destination. Walk the rest of the way.
  • Look at housework as an extra chance to work out.
  • If you have a dog, think of the dog as an exercise machine with fur. A brisk walk with the dog is good for both of your hearts.
  • If your family lives with you, schedule an after-dinner walk. Make it quality time.

How do you keep your heart healthy?

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