Sticking with your New Year’s Resolutions, Steps 1-3

  January 28, 2012  |    Blog

As January comes to an end, we can’t help but think about how we are going to keep our New Year’s resolutions going throughout the year. If you are like most of us, after the excitement of the New Year dies down, so does our passion for keeping up with our resolutions.

Well this may be your lucky year because we’re going to share tips to help you stay motivated way past January 31st! If you have any doubt that you can’t do it, we promise that you can! Sticking with your resolutions is as easy as 1,2,3. Here are three simple things that you can do in your everyday lives to make sure you don’t lose sight of your goal to stay healthy.

  1. SHOP SMART: With all of the holiday foods out of the way, you can finally get back to buying and preparing healthy meals for you and your family. Purchase healthy options at the supermarket so you have an easier time making healthier meals at home! Also, don’t forget: NEVER GO FOOD SHOPPING HUNGRY!
  2. IF YOU WANDER OFF TRACK, FORGET ABOUT IT AND SIMPLY FOCUS ON GETTING BACK ON YOUR HEALTHY TRAIL: We all fall off the healthy wagon every now and again, but don’t let it set you off to fall back into your bad habits. Look at it as an opportunity to learn; you know eating that slice of chocolate cake (or the second slice as well!) wasn’t a good idea, but now let it motivate you. Instead of dwelling on that one mistake, embrace it and push yourself that much harder to work it off!
  3. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES: When you’re having a bad day, focus on the positives; the reasons why you want to stick to your resolutions. Is it because you want to stay healthy to play with your kids or is it because you want to train for a running race? Or is it because you want to fit into that bikini when summer approaches? No matter what the reason, remind yourself why you are doing it and that in the end it will all be worth it!

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