Weekend Workout

  February 19, 2011  |    Blog

Weekend Workout

It’s a holiday weekend (YES!), which means an extra day to squeeze in a less- rushed workout! Don’t turn this extra time into a lazy day; use it to feel healthy. happy and energized. Nothing helps you to accomplish these things like a good workout.

  • Take the day to push yourself that extra mile. Workout at home with a video on exercise on demand (if you have it), or grab a yoga DVD to unwind!
  • If you live somewhere where it is warm, go out for a walk or run, or go for a hike if that’s available to you.
  • If you really have the time, try a new class. Our clients tell us they love Zumba, and we’ve found a website that can direct you to the nearest class! http://www.shape.com/fitness/zumba-fitness-class-locator

What’s your favorite workout?

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