Black Rice…The New Superfood!

  March 10, 2012  |    Blog

By now we’ve all heard that whole grains are a lot better energizers than processed grains since they contain more fiber (for long-lasting energy!) and a lot more nutrients. But how about something completely different?

Black rice. It’s the new superfood and contains lots of nutrients like potassium, magnesium and anthocyanins. The potassium helps counter sodium in regulating blood pressure and the magnesium helps reduce stress naturally! Plus, the body uses magnesium to activate cell enzymes that produce energy!

Black rice is a perfect energizer since it provides fuel for your brain and muscles. Plus it contains the same health-promoting antioxidants as those found in blueberries and blackberries and it’s a good source of iron. It’s also known to be an anti-inflammatory.

In ancient times, black rice was reserved just for the emperor due to its high nutritive value!

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