Carrots and Hummus

  March 20, 2012  |    Blog

Are you in the middle of your day and fading fast?

Has it been several hours since you last ate? If so, you may be feeling sleepy because you need some fuel. Try this quick and energizing snack: Dip carrots into hummus. The carrots will fill you with fiber-loaded energy and they’re light and refreshing so they won’t weigh you down. The hummus is a great source of satisfying protein that will give you a little satiating boost to get through your afternoon hump and keep your energy level stable.

Four medium sized carrot sticks and ¼ cup of hummus is only 100 calories! What’s better than that? If this gives you the pick-up that you need, next time, make sure you don’t go for hours without having a healthy, recharging snack like this.

What is your go-to energizer?

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