4 Beach-Body-Friendly Desserts

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Wouldn’t it be nice if all your cravings for decadent desserts vanished the second you slipped on a swimsuit? While that’s not the case, you can still get a sugar fix without worrying about tacking on extra pounds. Instead of depriving yourself—which can make cravings worse and result in a binge—nosh on sweet treats that won’t set you back hundreds of calories.

The next time a hankering hits, turn to one of our four favorite calorie-controlled indulgences:

Strawberries (1 cup) topped with fat-free whipped cream (4 tbsp): At 45 calories a cup, naturally sweet strawberries won’t go straight to your hips, and they taste extra rich with a touch of whipped cream. We’ll bet you won’t notice a difference between the fat-free and the full-fat cream—but your waistline sure will: The former contains only 10 calories per serving.

Werther’s Original Sugar Free Caramels (5 pieces): These sweets are made with real butter and fresh cream, so they taste decadent, yet don’t have any sugar. One piece has only 8 calories and 3 g of carbohydrates (great for people watching carb intake), so one serving (five of ‘em), comes to a measly 40 calories. Plus a variety of flavors, including Classic Caramel, Caramel Coffee, Caramel Apple, Caramel Cinnamon, and Caramel Chocolate, keep monotony at bay.

Fudgsicle (1 bar): Popsicles often force you to eat more slowly because they are cold, which means your sweet treat lasts longer than, say, a candy bar might. Another perk: Most fudgsicles clock in at fewer than 80 calories.

Dark chocolate (1/2 oz) topped with 4 slivered almonds: This crunchy, sweet, and savory combination makes for a tasty triple threat. Choose a chocolate that is at least 70 percent cocoa for extra antioxidant benefits. You’ll get your chocolate fix for a mere 95 calories.

Disclaimer: The Nutrition Twins work with Werther’s Original Sugar Free to help people find delicious indulgences that won’t pack on the pounds.

Edamame Hummus

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