Produce More ENERGY For Your Workout with Interval Training

  April 7, 2012  |    Blog

During your workout try interval training to help your body to produce more energy for your workout! This will also to remove metabolic waste from the muscles so your muscles feel less tired!

Here’s what to do:
After warming up your body for five minutes (try speed walking or walking up stairs), begin with one minute at a faster pace and then every two or three minutes go at a slower pace (active recovery). So, if you’re running, run fast for one minute, and then for your active recovery run slowly for 2 to 3 minutes. And don’t stop moving during the recovery.

NOTE: These recovery intervals are when the body produces more energy for the next bout of high-intensity exercise and also when the body removes metabolic waste from the muscles.

In terms of perceived exertion, high-intensity intervals should be about a seven or higher (on a scale of 0-10) while active recovery intervals should be at about a four or five.

Exercising like this will help you to get energy for your muscles and wake up your body while getting in better cardiovascular shape!

Have you done interval training before?

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