Recover From Last Night with Bran?

  April 8, 2012  |    Blog

Energy Tip of the Day:

It’s Sunday—recharge and recover from last night. At least once today (ideally at breakfast) have some bran. It’s packed with magnesium which you need for energy. You can go for rice, wheat or oat bran. And if you don’t eat a cereal like Bran flakes, add some bran to your breakfast cereal to your oatmeal, yogurt or to turkey meatballs!

Try this Energy-Boosting Meal: Take ½ cup of cooked oatmeal and stir in ½ cup nonfat yogurt, ½ sliced apple, 1 teaspoon slivered almonds, 1 teaspoon bran and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Have you ever added bran to anything before?

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