It’s Freebie Friday! Risa’s Naturals!

  March 12, 2012  |    Blog

If you want to de-stress and boost your energy, Risa’s Naturals are just the treat for you!

Risa’s Naturals (, is a premier source of natural and organic whole leaf tea blends, superfood powders and skin care–all created by a nutritionist-to promote health and anti-aging inside and out…Naturally!

Stress ages you and exhausts you. So why not unwind, de-stress and get revived with a delicious cup of RISA’S WHOLELEAF TEAS?

All of the teas are hand-cut from the top tea leaves, richest in antioxidants then hand-blended with real fruit, exotic spices, botanicals & herbs. Risa’s has a tantalizing line of green, white, rooibos and pu-erh teas, botanical & herbal infusions, pure fruit infusions and lemonade infusions, which promote optimal health and fight the free radicals that age us, while providing natural solutions for everything from reducing stress to supporting a healthy immune system, boosting energy, enhancing beauty from within and even a gentle & natural detox.

Although all of the flavors are incredible, Risa’s has teas that are specific for boosting your energy (right up our alley!)!

Green Tea Lime Mint Mojito: Naturally boost energy and metabolism—and great for skin!

Cinnamon & Red Ginseng: All natural energy and caffeine free-a blend of red ginseng & cinnamon. This naturally energizing, delicious blend of potent red ginseng, cinnamon and hand-selected botanicals are mixed with hand-cut vanilla bean and fig. A delicious, warm and enticing treat!

Vanilla Bean Mint (a puerh tea ): A great coffee alternative-since its medium bold caffeine and you can add a splash of almond milk and natural sweetener. Also great for the 3:00pm energy slump. Pu-erh is a healthy black tea, naturally energizing, and also rich in natural probiotics. This blend is so good-it also helps with cravings…delicious blend!

Leave a comment here, on our Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #NTRisas telling us which of these teas you’d like best and be entered in the raffle to be one of three lucky winners to receive a pouch of Risa’s tea!

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