Boost Your Energy: Grow a Little Garden!

  March 15, 2012  |    Blog

Want a new way to boost your energy?

Grow your own little garden! Stress is a huge energy drainer! Planting a few seeds or potting a plant will take your mind off your stress and get you back to nature and de-stress you. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than starting a little garden, no matter how small.

summerriley mushroomgarden

Tammy’s daughters recently grew their own little mushroom garden. It was easy and fun and they even ate the mushrooms! They were so proud of themselves for making a mushroom salad for the whole family and Tammy was proud of them too!

Have you ever grown any of your own veggies? Did you cook with them?

Here’s Tammy’s daughter’s mushrooms!


What is your favorite thing to make with mushrooms?

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