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Get iron from any of the following options at least once today:

  • chicken or turkey breasts
  • fish
  • lean cuts of meat like beef tenderloin and top sirloin (fatty cuts will weigh you down and make you sluggish). *Limit red meats, even lean cuts to once a week

Vegetarian? Go for:

  • pumpkin seeds
  • dried fruit
  • dark leafy greens
  • beans
  • Also, using a cast-iron skillet infuses iron into the foods you cook!

Why do these foods help you to get energy?
You need iron for ENERGY! Without iron your muscles would shut down.

What does iron do?
Your hard working muscles need oxygen to get energy. Iron is used to get oxygen to the muscles, AND it’s also necessary once oxygen is in the muscle tissues to get your muscles to contract! So without iron, you can’t get energy and you feel exhausted!

Although your body is able to store a limited supply of iron, it is easier for women to become anemic since they have monthly losses through their menses. It is especially important for women to consume food rich in iron to keep their energy levels up.

Remember, the most bioavailable form of iron is found in animal meats, which are called heme iron and are absorbed the easiest. Plant sources of iron are referred to as non-heme iron, and when eaten with vitamin C help the body absorb more. So next time add some mandarines to your spinach salad!

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