Improve Your Posture

  May 6, 2012  |    Blog

May is Correct Posture Month! Does sitting at your desk all day zap your energy? Are you struggling to stay focused and productive by midday?

Tomorrow, start the week off right and try this simple trick – practice good posture! Poor posture causes your muscles to contract and restricts blood flow, depleting your energy levels. Try sitting up straight at your desk with your legs at right angles to the floor and your arms at right angles to the keyboard. Make sure to keep your shoulders relaxed and low, not scrunched up by your ears.

Bad posture doesn’t only cause fatigue. It can also lead to headaches, back pain, jaw pain, and impaired breathing, circulation, and digestion. Additionally, assuming a poor posture position can lower your pain threshold.

Sit and stand up straight to fight these side effects and GET YOUR ENERGY ON everyday!

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