It’s Freebie Friday! Dr. Jo’s Eat Out Healthy

  February 2, 2012  |    Blog

dr.joseat out healthy

Do you love to eat out but hate the damage that it does to your heart and waistline? Well fear no more! Dr. Jo’s Eat Out Healthy is a must-read for anyone with a hectic, on-the-go lifestyle who wants to cut to the chase and learn how to order the healthiest foods in any situation. Packed with practical straightforward tips and useful and easy to understand information, this book is fresh and innovative!

The book includes nutritional information for nearly 150 restaurants. Dr. Jo takes you by the hand and guides you through restaurants so you can eat delicious meals without guilt.

And you can win a copy! Simply leave a comment here, on our facebook page, or on twitter using the hashtag #NTDrJo and tell us which type of food is hardest for you to eat healthfully when you eat out and you’ll be entered in the raffle to win a copy of Dr. Jo’s Eat Out Healthy!

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