Put an ENERGY twist on popcorn!

  June 1, 2012  |    Blog

Tonight we’re headed to the movies for the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman! Are you off to the movies tonight? Want to know the secret to feeling like the fairest of all like Snow White whether you are heading to the theater or staying in to watch a movie?

The secret is to be prepared when it comes to snacking at the movies. Otherwise you can be trapped into consuming sugary, salty snacks that leave you crashing and bloated. So if you’re staying in to watch a movie or going out to the theater try mixing it up by planning to have one of these crunchy, energy- boosting twists on popcorn. We plan to bring ours with us to the theatre.

Popcorn on its own is a healthy snack, it is the added oils, sugar, and salt that create the energy crash. Corn kernels are a whole grain and loaded with fiber and B- vitamins that provide energy. At only 31 calories per one cup serving, air popped popcorn won’t weigh you down. To add flavor mix in other energy stabilizing goodies like slivered nuts, chopped dried fruits, or seeds to make a delicious popcorn trail mix! Just add a tablespoon to keep the calories low. You can also sprinkle certain spices like cayenne pepper, cumin or coriander, which eliminates the need for salt.

What move theater treats are your favorites? Junior Mints? Buttered Popcorn? Gummies? Have you tried any other popcorn recipes you’ve liked?

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