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Run Your Way To A Great Summer Body

  June 3, 2012  |    Blog

Admittedly, as the weather gets nicer it makes us dream of spending some time strolling around our neighborhood in the sun, but it’s also time to get moving with some fun outdoor activities. What’s easier than putting on some running shoes and heading out for a nice aerobic exercise? When you exercise your body gets a major energy boost as blood and oxygen are pumped throughout the body and to your extremities!

Here are some tips to keep you moving and injury free so you can stay lean and keep your energy high at the same time:

  • Make sure your running shoes aren’t too old and the support hasn’t broken down. (You should be getting a new pair about every 6 months depending on your mileage.)
  • Avoid landing on your heels when running, and aim to land on the balls of feet or your mid-foot to lessen the impact.
  • Find a rhythm with your stride and breathing to avoid fatiguing too soon.
  • Run with a friend to keep you motivated and challenged! (We do this with each other and it’s fun for us (most of the time!). But, admittedly on several occasions the competition has become a bit more “fierce” than fun!)

Discover all the benefits to running: stronger/leaner legs, lower heart rate and an overall increased energy throughout your day!

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