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No More Sunday Blues!

  June 3, 2012  |    Blog

We’ve reached the end of another weekend! Did you go a little overboard and now have the Sunday blues? It happens to the best of us. Whether you’re feeling the affects of too much alcohol or just need a little boost, here are some tips that will help you recover this Sunday and be ready for your upcoming week.

First off, caffeine of any sort will NOT help you feel energized and headache-free. This is a common misconception, but actually caffeine can make matters worse since your hangover symptoms are primarily caused from dehydration. So resist the urge to reach for it for a cure.

So what’s the answer to a hangover? Drink as much water as you can! If you can drink water throughout the night then you can actually prevent a hangover! If you have trouble drinking only water, coconut water also can work well for your headache and some people find it a refreshing alternative. Coconut water has electrolytes like sports drinks do but without the sugar! It will help you to rehydrate so that you feel more clear-headed and ENERGIZED.

In fact, you can use coconut water in a mixed drink instead of soda or a fruit juice, to make a delicious cocktail.. In general, try to avoid these sugary additives to drinks, as they will be sure to crank up the caloric content of the drink as well as your hangover the next day.

Some mix drinks with club soda, but be warned the carbonated mixes make you intoxicated quicker because the carbonation expedites the pace that alcohol reaches your small intestine and absorbed into the blood stream! The type of alcohol you choose to consume will have an impact on the degree of your hangover as well. Try to always go for the less sugary sources. A lot of alcohol brands are now making a low sugar option.

What are some ways you’ve found effective for curing hangovers? What are some of your favorite cocktails that help avoid the sugar crash?

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