The Tony Awards

  June 9, 2012  |    Blog

Tonight is one of our favorite nights of the year, the 66th annual TONY AWARDS! Living in New York City, the Tony Award nominees are right in our backyard—literally! It takes place within a couple blocks of our house and last year we saw many of the nominees arrive! Then we headed home to watch all of the performers on TV and see which shows came out winners. But how do we get enough energy to stay up late on a Sunday night to watch the awards? We do it like the actors/actress’ do, eat healthy foods and get lots of rest before hand!

For any of our big events, we make sure to not only be well rested but also well fed, the healthy way of course! We’ll have a healthy meal before the show. Then, if we are feeling sleepy, we drink a cold glass of water and munch on pistachios. For 100 calories, you can have about 30 pistachios! Pistachios are packed with fiber to keep you feeling fuller longer and increasing energy. We simply divvy them up into bags so that they are pre-counted and we don’t overdo it as we watch the event!

What do you do to get ready for a big event? What tricks have you learned to keep yourself energized and ready to go throughout the whole occasion?

Who do you want to take home the title of best musical? Best actor in a musical? Best actress in a musical?

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