Good Mood Foods

  June 11, 2012  |    Blog

Don’t let another Monday bring you down simply keep your spirit up throughout the day, as well as your energy by eating some “Good Mood Foods!” When you’re happier you’ll have more energy.

  • Include mood-boosting carbohydrates throughout your day. This will naturally change your brain chemistry. Just be sure to choose to choose high-fiber carbs to extend the energy boost so you won’t have an energy crash (Think quinoa, oatmeal and brown rice).
  • Include vitamin D rich foods in your diet. Research has shown that people who are low in vitamin D have higher rates of depression. Include dairy products fortified with vitamin D, mushrooms and egg yolks.
  • Be sure to get your B vitamins.
  • Folic acid deficiency has been found in people with depression. Work citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons and kiwis into your meals.
  • Produce such as broccoli, collard greens, spinach and kale are high in B vitamins, which may help fight anxiety. Research suggests people with low levels of these vitamins are more likely to have depression than those with normal levels.

What are your favorite mood-boosting foods?

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