July 4, 2012  |    Blog

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! We hope that you are having a relaxing, fun, firework-filled Fourth.

If you don’t want all of those pies and cakes to make you crash and weigh you down, try these patriotic dessert kabobs instead! They are fun, super easy to make, and won’t leave you red, white, and bloated. Whether you’re taking the day off to relax or attending social gatherings, these treats are perfect for the occasion.

There are multiple ways to make them so they can fit the ingredients in your kitchen and your preference in food. As long as you have a red ingredient, a white ingredient and a blue ingredient you’re good to go!

Here’s how you do it: Take your wooden skewers and place your red food component, white food component, and blue food component in alternating fashion.

Options for the red food component: strawberry halves, cherries, watermelon, raspberries

Options for the white food component: cubed angel food cake, skinless apple cubes, bananas, skinless pear cubes, marshmallows, cubed rice crispy treat

Options for the blue food component: blueberries (our personal fave and the healthiest option!), marshmallows with blue frosting on them.

You can arrange them on a decorative plate and put a fruit dip (chocolate sauce, light cool whip) in the middle

You could also arrange it so that all together the skewers form an American flag!

What are you doing for the Fourth? Whats your favorite red white and blue dish? Do you have any tips t lighten up the Fourth of July cuisine?

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