It’s Freebie Sunday– Musco’s Family Olive’s Co Giveaway!

  July 18, 2012  |    Blog

A healthy, delicious and energizing idea for when you want to nibble…

In the summer, we all want to feel light–so be sure to make your cocktail hour nibbles light and healthful too– steer away from hearty cheese and crackers, and head for healthier, more refreshing fare. Not only are olives a classic for entertaining, these Musco Family Olive Co.’s reduced salt versions help you avoid sodium-induced bloating (not pretty when we’re not wearing layers of clothes to hide it) and keep you feeling light, trim and energetic. The brands to look for are Early California and Pearls, available in supermarkets nationwide; they offer 25 percent reduced salt for the black olives, and a whopping 75 percent less salt for the Pimiento Stuffed Manzanilla olives. Olives are part of the Mediterranean diet that is skewed toward fruits, vegetables and healthy fats and that is known for keeping you healthy!

We toss several sliced low-sodium olives in parchment paper with fish and lemon and the family loves it!


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Guess what? You can enter the raffle to win a gift basket of olive goodies or some free olives by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page telling us your favorite way to enjoy olives! Is it on pizza? In a salad?

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