5 Simple Strategies to Eat Healthfully on a Budget!

  March 16, 2014  |    Blog

Did you know that you can eat healthfully without breaking the bank?  In fact, use a few of these tactics and by the end of the year you just may save enough money to buy those Louboutins you’ve been eyeing!

Follow these five grocery store tips to save that wad in your wallet!

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1. Plan Ahead. Plan out your meals for the week and then create a list—and stick to it! (Don’t shop hungry or get swayed by items that tempt you that aren’t on your list).

2. Buy in Bulk. Even if you live alone or with only one other roommate, this option is cheaper. And you can always cook a whole recipe and freeze it later for leftovers!  We find that buying foods like oats, and other grains—and pricier foods like chia seeds and organic foods are much less expensive when bought this way.

3. Buy Fruits and Veggies in Season. If you buy them out of season, you’re paying for them to be shipped to you from all over the globe.  Or, if you really want out-of-season produce, look for the frozen variety, which is much less pricey than the fresh options, but just as nutritious.

4. Make Your Lean Meats Lean!  A.K.A. stretch out your lean meats. Although this may sound as if we want you to give your meats a workout, what we mean by this, is to make your hamburger, chicken, etc last longer, add beans or lentils to your meal and use less of the meat you’re not using up so much so soon! Plus it’s added protein from another source—and since meat is a pricier item, you’ll save your dough!

5. Save Dining Out for Special Occasions.  People who eat out spend significantly more money than those who dine at home.  And from a health perspective it’s nice to know exactly what you are getting in your food!


Happy Shopping on a Budget!!


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