Baseball and Nutrition

  July 29, 2012  |    Blog

Take me out to ball game, take me out to the crowd … during the summer there’s rarely a day without an MLB game. Who doesn’t love to watch the all the players on the field, for their baseball skills or even just for their cute uniforms?

But what helps these players to have the energy to play in all kinds of weather at all times of the day? Eating and drinking the right foods helps of course! At any point in the game (before, during, or after), you can find baseball players drinking sports drinks. Here is the catch: sports drinks are not energy drinks. So-called “energy drinks are filled with caffeine and sugar where sports drinks contain carbohydrates and electrolytes to help prevent hydration and sustain energy. Most of us don’t need sports drinks when we exercise unless we are exercising intensely for more than 90 minutes otherwise, they just add more calories than we burn off during our exercise session.

The other thing you’ll usually find baseball players eating for energy is sunflower seeds. Although they are usually a bit too high in salt (unless you buy the unsalted or low-sodium varieties), they are a great energizing food. Here’s why: Sunflower seeds contain a mix of:

  • carbohydrates (for energy)
  • protein (extends the energy boost of the carbohydrates)
  • healthy fat (provides satiety and staying power)
  • and fiber (also extend the energy lift).
  • Plus, they are a great source of potassium to help to activate and energize the muscles.

Sunflower seeds– The one caveat is that just ¼ cup has 165 calories. So, if you’re sitting eating them during an entire baseball game, it wouldn’t be hard to get more than 1,000 calories worth, which could cause weight gain for most people—and we’ve watched this happen to a couple of our friends who love to watch their sports!

Which sports drinks do you like? When do you drink them? During long cardio sessions? During a soccer game?

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