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  July 30, 2012  |    Blog

Big BrotherA very popular show that we sometimes watch Big Brother, is on CBS and it’s an interactive, exciting reality TV show. About 14 people each season live in the same house, secluded from the world and have to survive each eviction each week to win the final cash prize. But how do the housemates obtain energy to be on top of their game throughout the season? … We all know living with over ten strangers isn’t an easy thing!

The contests should focus on eating well-balanced, energy boosting small meals. More specifically, eating a well-balanced meal before each “competition” they play against each other will give them the energy to perform their best.

A good breakfast? Oatmeal with berries and egg whites. The protein in the eggs and the fiber in the berries will extend the energy boost from the carbohydrates in the oatmeal. For lunch, a good option would be quinoa salad with fresh vegetables and chicken; whole grains are perfect for energy and the fiber in the veggies and quinoa and the protein in the chicken and quinoa will make that energy boost last longer. For dinner, a great choice would be salmon over fresh greens, mixed with colorful vegetables with a small portion of brown rice; again, the protein in the fish and the fiber in the veggies will extend the energy boost from the carbs in the brown rice. Another important tip for the housemates is to drink water, all day every day to stay hydrated and to sustain their energy!

What high energy meals do you like to consume before a large event?

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