Quick Tip For An Energy Boost

  August 15, 2012  |    Blog

Need a quick boost?

Turn on your favorite tunes to give you an extra push through the day. It’s no surprise that listening to your favorite song can instantly lift your mood, but lifting your mood can allow you to get more work done and feel more motivated to be productive. If you’re at work or at home trying to push through a couple hours of paperwork, music can help ease your mind and relieve stress, making your workload seem lighter. Also, there’s scientific proof that music improves your workout.

We almost always like to listen to music when we’re running—a few songs we have in our ipods—Eye of the Tiger (Rocky Soundrack), Empire State of Mind (Jay-Z & Alicia Keys) and Hella Good (No Doubt). And although Tammy claims she doesn’t, she listens to songs like Material Girl. Not Lyssie, she’s more current and gets a boost from Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”—yes, the kind you find in a second hand store. OK, we admit it, we’re both trapped in the 80s!

Regardless, no one can deny music enhances performance and increases focus. So, next time you notice your energy tank running low, reach for your iPod!

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