Go Nuts, for NUTS!

  September 25, 2012  |    Blog

Looking for a light, easy snack that will also give you energy?

Try some nuts! Nuts are a great source of phytochemicals (good-for-you plant chemicals that help to prevent a wide range of diseases) and antioxidants. Just a palm full of nuts 3-4 times per week can not only help to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers, but they can also give you energy!

Nuts contain the “good” kind of fat. This fat is called monounsaturated fat and it helps to increase good cholesterol in our bodies. But be careful! Too many nuts in your diet can lead to excess calories. Sticking with a serving of about one ounce or less a day (about 160-175 calories) is the way to go! And be sure to substitute them for something else in your diet—don’t just add them in willy-nilly, or you’ll gain weight! So try replacing chips with nuts or replace some cheese on your salad with nuts.

But which nuts should you eat? The truth is, you can pick! They all contain beneficial nutrients. Here are some of our favorites!

  1. Almonds: very high in fiber and vitamin E, serving size is about 24 nuts
  2. Walnuts: great source of omega-3 fatty acids, serving size is about 14 nuts
  3. Pistachios: wonderful source of potassium, serving size is about 45 nuts

How do you incorporate nuts into your everyday diet?

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