Get rid of that hard to reach underarm flab!

  October 22, 2012  |    Blog

Tricep_Exercise_girlNobody likes the extra underarm skin that waves every time you do. Here are two simple workout moves to tighten that underarm skin and stop the jiggle for good!

Note: The key to great jiggle-free arms is doing all exercises while keeping your abs tight.

  1. Triceps Kickback:
    Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell (just about 5 pounds if this is your first time) in your right hand, step forward with your left foot, bending your waist at a 45-degree angle. Placing your left palm on a stable chair for balance, extend your right arm straight out behind you. Hold for one to two seconds, lower your arm and repeat the movements on your opposite side. Perform 15 repetitions on each arm.
  2. Triceps Extension:
    On a bench, lie on your back. With a light dumbbell in your right hand, slowly extend your right arm straight up toward the ceiling. Then smoothly and slowly lower your forearm to a 90-degree angle. 12 to 15 repetitions for best results. Again, remember to keep your abs tight while doing this.


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