Foods That Cure

  October 24, 2012  |    Blog

With the change of the season, there are plenty of sicknesses our bodies will be trying to ward off (colds, the flu allergies) that exhaust us.

Don’t let exhaustion happen to you! Try this Energy Boosting tip:
Low energy?

Eat one banana daily. They are filled with potassium (needed to help activate your muscles so that you can move easily!) and are a great source of magnesium, which is very important in producing and storing energy.

We chop up an overripe banana and freeze it in a zip-loc bag. Every time we crave something sweet, we grab a frozen banana chip. It hits the spot!

Next time you crave ice cream, have a few frozen banana chips and let us know what you think. hat’s your fave way to eat a banana?

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