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Mint Leaves

  October 25, 2012  |    Blog

It’s time to get your mint ENERGY on!

There are many different varieties of mint leaves. Two of the most common, and our favorites, are peppermint and spearmint. They are refreshing and rejuvenating and ideal for boosting energy!

Mint, like all herbs and spices, is a great source of nutrients. It’s high in many vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, copper, calcium, and potassium. Remember, potassium helps to relax your insides so that you can save your energy for when you need it—like to exercise!

Mint also has other health benefits. The essential oils in mint act on the same receptors that sense coldness, so applying mint topically leads to a cooling sensation and a soothing effect.

We love to add mint to:

lemon sorbets
and, most often, to our drinks!

On a hot day or after a hard workout, we add mint to our ice water and to our seltzer. We crush the leaves slightly between on fingers and add them to our glass.

Mint water and mint seltzer is also great with a splash of lemon juice or a couple slices of cucumber.

Now that the colder weather is coming, we love to add mint to our tea. Our favorite is green tea with fresh mint leaves. It’s so refreshing and soothing. It helps relax us in the evenings when we add it to decaffeinated green tea and it gets our minds clear and ready to start the day if we drink it in the mornings!

Do you add mint to any beverages? Dressings? Soups? What’s your favorite way to enjoy mint?

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