Halloween Pizza

  October 29, 2012  |    Blog>Recipes

Today is the day, HALLOWEEN is here! Avoid filling up on empty calories (calories without nutrients), such as candy, that only provide a quick burst of energy. Instead fill up on this nutrient-packed Halloween pizza! We found it on ifood.tv and love it!

Roll out whole wheat pizza dough, top it with a low sodium tomato sauce of your choice, and then comes the fun part, toppings!

Using cookie cutters in shapes like pumpkins or ghosts, cut out your choice of non-fat cheese toppings. Use olives and basil to add eyes, mouths, or whatever else to your spooky cheese toppings!

Do you have any tricks to keep Halloween healthy this year?

Adapted from: http://www.ifood.tv/blog/serve-a-spooky-pizza-for-halloween?utm_source=EmailDirect.com&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=10%2f26+Halloween+Edition+Campaign+E.O.

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