Featured Reader: Adam Cohen

  November 14, 2010  |    Blog

Our Featured Readers Adam Cohen (as seen with The Nutrition Twins on Bravo TV’s The Queer Eye show)

Below our featured reader Adam Cohen describes his transformation after working with The Nutrition Twins and following their principles from their book, Fire Up Your Metabolism…

Body Transformation:
Size Before: 44” waist
Size After Fire Up Your Metabolism: 38” waist
Before: 238 pounds
After: 207 pounds
Before Photos:adamfullbodyadamandsteve
After Photos:ep229_before_after_15
After Photo:ep229_before_after_10
Adam Tells Us What He Did To Lose the Weight:
I started to eat right by following The Nutrition Twins regimen and began to exercise 3-4 days a week. I started having healthy snacks in the office which was probably one of the biggest changes I made. This way I wasn’t ravenous and could be rational at meal times. So, I was able to make smarter choices. Eating better also really increased my stamina.

Adam’s Tells Us His Favorite Part of the Process: The best part was watching my waist size decrease and noticing how I looked leaner each week.

Adam Describes His Diet Now:

Basically, I eat smaller portions of protein, reduced my carbs and cut out all sugars and cut back on fats. It is easier to eat smaller portions because I am filling up on healthy snacks like fruit and fat free yogurt. I eat lean meats more often like chicken breast and less heavy foods with the rich sauces.

Adam’s Exercise Now:
The same — I have kept on exercising 3-4 days a week. I vary what I do for cardio and the weights to keep it interesting. Sometimes playing basketball is the exercise for the day and it makes it fun.

Adam’s Words Of Advice:
Keep at it and continue to exercise because that enables you to eat more….

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