Super Bowl

  February 3, 2013  |    Blog

Today is the day … it’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!

Time to get out and chow down on those greasy chips, chicken wings drowned in sauce, and beer, right? NO WAY! Don’t get us wrong, we love to sit down, eat game day treats, and enjoy some football, but that doesn’t mean we totally give up on being healthy. All of your game day faves have healthy alternatives that come with fewer calories, less fat, and more energy (which is needed to cheer on your favorite team!).

  • CHIPS: Instead of regular potato chips, try baked chips or whole wheat tortilla chips. Pair baked chips with hummus and whole wheat tortilla chips with fresh salsa, yum
  • CHICKEN WINGS: Wings are essential on game day, so why not make them yourself? Try baking your chicken wings after lightly coating them in minced garlic and sweet chili sauce. Best part? No dip needed, they taste amazing without it!
  • BEER: Haven’t tried a low calorie beer yet? Today is the day! They have a lighter, crisper taste with a portion of calories, perfect for game day!

How can you slim down your game day choice to increase your energy??

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