Apple, Peanut Butter and Granola Sandwich!

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Who doesn’t love peanut butter?! We both do! Peanut butter has a healthy combination of fiber and protein. Protein is important for muscle repair and also helps to keep your blood sugar level stable so you stay energized throughout the day! It’s packed with other important nutrients like vitamin E, folate and heart-healthy; monounsaturated fat!

Mixing peanut butter with other healthy high-fiber carbohydrate foods such as bananas, oatmeal or whole-grain crackers are great after a workout to help you to refuel and to fight muscle fatigue! The fruit or grain provides the energy-revving carbohydrates while the good-for-you fat and the protein extend that energy boost even longer. Try this simple and easy snack to refuel and get energized mid-day!

(And remember: Be careful when shopping for peanut butter. Reduced-fat peanut butter has the same amount of calories or sometimes higher than regular peanut butter because of added ingredients such as sugar to replace the fat. So be sure to look at sodium and sugar amounts on your next purchase of peanut butter.)

Apple, Peanut Butter and Granola Sandwich

– 1 apple, cored
– 2 tbsp. peanut butter
– ½ cup low-fat granola

First core the apple and slice the apple horizontally into several slices to make “bread.” Spread two apple slices with 1 tbsp of the peanut butter and sprinkle with granola. Top each slice of peanut butter and granola apple with another slice of apple.

What other heart-healthy peanut butter recipes have you tried?

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