Sparkly Soul Headband Giveaway!

  March 3, 2013  |    Blog

How many times do you find yourself fixing your hair during your workout? What about when you are running a race and your headband falls off? This used to happen to us ALL of the time, and we’d fumble to get our hair out of our face, which was so annoying, especially when we were working out intensely.

Good news … there’s no more fiddling with your headband because you feel like your head is too small or the headband is too tight and causing a headache.

Enter Sparkly Soul! These headbands are a game changer! If you’re like us you’ll fall instantly in love because the headbands are so cute. Plus, they really work … obsessed! Check out this clip from the Today Show from 1/1/13 Predicting Sparkly Soul nonslip headbands as a style trend in 2013:

We love that the whole band is elastic and glitter. The inside is a velvet feeling material – we are guessing this is what makes it stay in place, but not too tight to cause a headache. Genius!

We have worn them while working out and also dressed it up during the day. While working out it stays in place the whole time – absolutely love these, and want every color. This is the PERFECT product for someone who runs and wants to look cute working out or who just LOVES headbands.

Enough of how much we love them because Sparkly Soul has been so awesome to give two of our readers their own Sparkly Soul Headband of their choice. Don’t forget to check out their website for all their color choices – they have some no glitter ones too and a really awesome new rainbow headband! The thin Sparkly Soul headbands retail for $15 and the wide for &17.


Guess what? You can be one of two lucky people to win a Sparkly Soul headband of your choice – thin or wide! How to enter- check out all the Sparkly Soul colors at and then leave a comment here about which color you would choose and what activity you would wear it for – and you’ll be entered in the giveaway! Don’t forget to follow Sparkly Soul on Facebook (, Twitter (@SPARKLYSOULINC), Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr (SPARKLYSOULINC), Google +

(Sparkly Soul), LinkedIn (Sparkly Soul, Inc. Leave us a comment also if you share the contest for additional entries.

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