The Nutrition Twins with their Bestie at Age 7! Find out who she is and about the healthy snack company she now owns!

  March 4, 2013  |    Blog

The Nutrition Twins with their Bestie at Age 7! Find out who she is and about the healthy snack company she now owns!

This is us when we were seven with our best friend. She now owns an awesome healthy snack company and tomorrow she’s giving 5 of our lucky followers a TWO MONTH SUPPLY of a healthy version of the number one craved food. Do you know who this little girl is and what her healthy snack company is?


Below you’ll find more clues to help you to determine who this adorable little girl was and how her incredible healthy snack company came about…

Once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur: We started our first business with her when we were seven. It was called TML co. Tammy, M, and Lyssie, Co. She was the M and we did odd jobs around the hood. If you answered your door we’d hold a sign that would roll down to the ground with the list of our odd job services.

Who handled the money? M took care of the money and was very good at handling it (she’s always been the most business-minded—hence her awesome company!). We kept it in a straw briefcase and only lost our earnings once when they blew away while we were on the job, weeding a lawn.

Where’d TML eat our snacks? We would eat two snacks every day after school. Well, sort of. We’d go to our house so M could have celery with cream cheese (M’s mom didn’t buy that fat-loaded smear). Then we’d go to M’s house and eat celery with Jif Peanut butter (our mom only bought pure crushed peanuts). Then we’d drink skim milk and pretend it was coffee. It was a win for us all!

What sport did we play? M played soccer when we met her. She was a superstar and we wanted to be like her, so we played it too—and practiced religiously. You can bet wherever you’d find M, we’d be close behind.

A healthy eater from the start. When we were little and didn’t eat our salad, we’d sneak behind our Mom’s back and give M our veggies. She ate them all. She always liked healthy foods. Great business mind… healthy eater… no wonder she has her own successful healthy snack line!

Guess what? Tomorrow M is giving 5 of our lucky readers a TWO MONTH Supply of her healthy version of the number one craved snack. You’ll get a delivery and in a tote bag at your doorstep! Who do you think M is and what is her company?

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