7 Late Night Snacks That Won’t Pack on the Pounds

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As you settle in to watch your favorite television show after dinner, you probably find yourself craving a late-night nosh. Do you cave in to chips or cookies and regret it later? Or maybe in your attempt to avoid junk food, you end up nibbling your way through the other food in your cupboard instead. If the late night munchies have gotten the best of you and your waistline, here are seven snacks to try. They’ve all got less than 150 calories and really hit the spot.

Berry and Greek Yogurt Parfait
Use 6 oz of a plain or vanilla non-fat Greek yogurt and one-half cup of halved strawberries or other berries. Layer yogurt in the bottom of the parfait cup, and then add a layer of berries. Alternate layers until you run out of yogurt and berries.
Why you’ll love it: It’s rich, creamy, and feels decadent. Plus it contains plenty of protein and fiber, so even if you didn’t eat enough dinner, you’ll go to bed feeling satisfied.

Four cups of air popped popcorn seasoned
Why you’ll love it: You get a huge portion (4 cups = 130 calories!) that will last until at least the first commercial of your favorite show. Eat it one piece at a time, and it may even last you through the entire program. The fiber will fill you up, and you can use it to quench a sweet or savory craving by flavoring it with cinnamon, chili powder, smoked paprika, or grated parmesan.

Baked Apple Crunch
Made with one small apple, 1- 1-1/2 tsp cinnamon and one graham cracker. Cut the apple into half-inch slices and coat them with cinnamon on all sides. Microwave the slices on high for three to four minutes or until the apple is soft and juicy. Serve it on a graham cracker.
Why you’ll love it: You can sink your teeth into this snack, and it’s sweet like the inside of an apple pie. Not to mention, the graham cracker adds a satisfying crunch

Vanilla Milkshake
Mix a cup of skim milk with one scoop of vanilla-flavored protein powder.
Why you’ll love it: This light version of a milk shake feels like a real treat, but won’t weigh you down. Bonus:The calcium in the milk may help relax your muscles and body before bedtime.

Figs and Cheese
Three small figs and one small, light 30- to 35-calorie cheese round (which will bring your total to 125 calories)
Why you’ll love it: The figs are sweet, and since they’re fibrous, you’ve gotta chew ‘em and can’t devour them in a split second. Paired with protein-rich, savory cheese, it makes for a filling but indulgent treat.

Hot chocolate and Frozen Fruit
Stir together a cup of diet hot chocolate and a cup frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries, raspberries, mangos, or your favorite fruit).
Why you’ll love it: Who doesn’t love chocolate? Additionally, the warm drink will force you to slow down and savor your bedtime snack, while the hot chocolate makes the fruit taste even sweeter—it might even remind you of chocolate fondue.

Whole Grain Crackers with Hummus
Serve five whole-grain crackers with 2 tbsp hummus.
Why you’ll love it: The crackers satisfy your need to crunch and the hummus adds the perfect creamy balance.

TELL US: What are some of your favorite healthy late-night snacks?

Edamame Hummus

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