Hemp Seeds For Protein

  May 29, 2013  |    Blog

Are you looking to eat less meat but worried about how you’ll get your protein? Or are you a vegetarian or vegan always looking for yummy sources of protein?  Then you’re in luck! With 10g of protein per one 3 tablespoon serving, hemp seeds are a delicious way to add protein to almost any meal! We buy the shelled versions (this means the outer hull has been removed since it’s difficult to digest) and love to throw hemp seeds into smoothies, onto yogurt and in salads.  Plus, they’re so tasty that sometimes we even just eat a spoonful of them!  Be careful not to overdo it, though.  Hemp seeds are very high in healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats, but they are  high in calories (170 calories per one 3 tablespoon serving).

Have you ever tried hemp seeds?  What’s your favorite way to eat them?

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