Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen!

  June 8, 2013  |    Blog


Thinking about eating some yummy, fresh fruits and veggies this week? We know we are! And perfect timing– The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is out with their yearly “Shoppers Guide to Pesticides” report. This includes The Dirty Dozen, a list of the fruits and vegetables likely to contain the highest amounts of pesticide residue. And it highlights the Clean 15, a list of fruits and vegetables least likely to contain pesticides.

Here’s the low-down — the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen,” the twelve/fifteen fresh produce items that are sprayed with the most/least amount of pesticides. If some of your fresh favorite fruits and vegetables on the dirty dozen list have no fear, read below! :

Apples Asparagus
Celery Avocado
Cherry Cabbage
Cucumbers Cantaloupe
Grapes Corn
Hot Peppers Eggplant
Nectarines Grapefruit
Peaches Kiwis
Potatoes Mangos
Spinach Mushrooms
Strawberries Onions
Sweet Bell Peppers Papayas
Tomatoes Pineapples
Zucchini Sweet Peas
ALSO …Collards, Kale, Summer Squash Sweet Potatoes

If you eat any of the dirty dozen day in and day out, like we do (Hello our beloved apples, spinach, strawberries, kale and sweet bell peppers!) you can opt to buy them organic to avoid the residue. But if the organic price tag is too hefty, simply wash the produce well and EAT IT ANYWAY as research shows that the benefits of eating fruits and veggies outweighs any risks! And simply eating fruits and veggies—organic or not—is one of the best things you can do for your health! Race ya to the Farmers Market?!

BTW—We do have a few faves that we also eat practically daily on the Clean 15 list—phew! Cabbage, grapefruits, mushrooms, avocados, yahoo, for you!

How do you cook with some of the fresh fruits and vegetables on these lists?

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