Show-Stopper Veggi-licous Crudite!

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With the holidays here, who doesn’t want to enjoy all of the festivities and food without ruining their waistlines?  Well with these chips, you can munch away without the guilt!  Heading to a party?  No problem, wow the host with this delish dish!  You can fill up on it so you have less room for the heavy stuff!


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Veggie Chips are low calorie, low fat, AND provide a whole array of health benefits depending on the vegetable. And they aresuper easy to make!

Below is a list of suggested vegetables along with approximate cooking times and health benefits:

  • Kale (10-15 min.), Fiber, calcium, & iron
  • Carrots (30 min.), Beta- carotene
  • Beets (20 min.), Antioxidant betalain
  • Taro (20 min.), Dietary fiber & vitamin E
  • Green Beans (20 min.), Calcium(surprising little boost)
  • Sugar Snap Peas (20 min.), Vitamin K & manganese
  • Potatoes (25 min.), Vitamin C
  • Sweet Potatoes (25 min.), Vitamin A
  • Zucchini (15 min.), niacin & thiamine
  • Eggplant (25 min.), dietary fiber & manganese
  • Radishes (15 min.), folic acid & vitamin C
  • Turnips (25 min.), Vitamin B6
  • Whole Wheat, High-Fiber Pita Chips (15 min.), dietary fiber(not a veggie, of course! but another alternative for dipping instead of high- fat fried chips)


  • Preheat oven to 350°F.  Slice your desired veggies very thin (about 1/16inch thick).
  • Place them individually on a nonstick baking pan and drizzle a very little amount of olive oil and salt (pepper and other spices are optional).* We actually prefer to put our oil in a spray bottle to still get the flavor but minimize the calories.
  • Put them in the oven at 350Fo. Some veggies take quicker than others so check in on them periodically. (See the list above for the estimated cooking time for each vegetable.)
  • As veggies look like they are beginning to get crispy (about half way through baking time), flip them.
  • Once veggies are equivalent to the crispiness of a chip, remove them from the oven before burning.
  • After veggies have cooled, enjoy them for snacks, with meals and on-the go! They are fantastic light summertime treats!

*Note. Vegetables shrink a significant amount after baking. Therefore, you may want to bake more than you would expect.


Sliced vegetables on nonstick baking pan!


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