Canary Melon

  July 8, 2013  |    Blog

To us, summertime means melon time!  We love the typical varieties – cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon – but we also love trying new varieties.  Recently, we tried delicious canary melon for the first time and we LOVED it.


Canary melon is common in parts of Asia, including Japan and South Korea.  It’s a slightly oblong melon with a bright yellow skin (the color of canary – hence the name) and a pale flesh inside. The melon is slightly sweeter than honeydew and a bit tangy.

To choose a canary melon, look for one with a very bright yellow skin that has a sweet smell and feels heavy for its size.  The melon should be firm, but yield slightly to pressure.

Have you ever tried canary melon?  What’s your favorite melon variety?

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