New Nutrition Labels: An Easy Way To Know How Many Calories You Got

  July 17, 2013  |    Blog

Have you ever eaten without any restraint and then afterwards noticed that food’s nutrition facts label and were shocked by how many calories the food that you consumed contained? Well not noticing the amount of calories in a food may become much less common. That’s right!– nutrition labels are getting a revamped look that’s supposed to make it easier for you – the consumer – to know exactly what you’re eating and not eating in your favorite foods.

woman label

When you shop at the grocery store, you may notice a slight change with labeling in the front of your packaging. The new plan was unveiled a couple years ago by the Grocers Manufactures Association. While not everyone agrees with this new system, it’s definitely something to stay aware of to notice this change!

A noticeable change is the calories in large letters! We know many of you watch calories like a hawk. This definitely is a step in the right direction for calorie counting fanatics. If you have a cereal bar that has 100 calories versus 200 calories, it’s a much easier read.

We like it! Take a closer look…..

What do you think? Is the label in the front a good change up for nutrients?!

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