Glute Bridge

  August 11, 2013  |    Blog>Exercise


Glute exercises are one of our favorites! After all, who doesn’t want a firm booty? Try this slightly modified glute bridge exercise for a great way to work your buns in the comfort of your own home.


glutebridge2How to:

1. Lay face-up on a mat or rug.

2. Bend your knees 90 degrees.

3. Lift up your booty!

  • Make sure your back is straight!
  • It may help to arch your shoulders back a bit.

4. Once in glute bridge position, tilt your knees in & squeeze your butt up!

5. Release squeeze back to starting glute bridge position.

  • Your hips should only be moving up and down a couple of inches.

6. This time, slightly tilt your knees out & squeeze your butt up!

7. Alternate in-n-out glute bridges in a smooth fluid motion.

  • Try it for one minute (or 60 total squeezes)!
  • Challenge yourself: rest for one minute and repeat!

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