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  September 21, 2013  |    Blog

We have all read about how technology contributes to obesity in our nation. Is that completely true?

We like to see the bright side of every story and want to share how  technology can actually be helpful in weight loss.  Yes! –You can make the most of it to help you get into your skinny jeans!?

For instance, in a recent  “Women’s Health Magazine article” , a twenty five year old woman used Facebook to help her to achieve her weight loss goal.  She set up a Facebook page to document her weight loss journey.

She posted photos of her progress and in return received an outpouring of support. This kept her inspired and she was able to lose 60 pounds and launch her own weight-loss coaching business

Want to use technology  to help you to slim down?  Here are some ways to do it. See what works best for you and let us know which turns into your new bestie!

-Join or start a Weight Loss support Group on Facebook. Post pictures of progress, motivational quotes/memes, and discuss issues and successes.

-Look for “Meetup groups” on Meetup. com for weight loss support. You can correspond online with members and if you choose to, meet up  in your local area

Follow pages on Tumblr and Pinterest (Like ours http://pinterest.com/nutritiontwin/) geared towards healthy eating and weight loss. There you will find new ideas for recipes, and weight loss.

Use your smart phone to take photos of EVERYTHING you eat.  This way you won’t forget any “little bites” that you normally wouldn’t account for. Plus, it will hold you here and there and it will hold you accountable.  Use a site like myfitnesspal.com which also has an app that you can record your food and your exercise.  It shows if you ate more than you burned off or vice versa.  We follow our clients on here too to help give them feedback.

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