Dental Hygiene Month

  October 2, 2013  |    Blog

It’s Dental Hygiene Month!  And guess what?  It’s not only about sugar and cavities!

Dental hygiene is very important. Tooth decay A.K.A cavities are a common problem for people of all ages.   Untreated cavities can cause pain (especially while eating) doesn’t necessarily look so good. Plus, if someone’s got a cavity, chances are they have bad breath too–after all, something is decaying in their mouth!

In honor of Dental Hygiene Month and keeping those pearly whites looking and feeling oh-so-good, here are some pointers :

-Floss regularly

-Use toothpaste with fluoride

Go for drinking water that is fluoridated. So switch the bottled water every now and then with good ol ‘ tap from the sink as some bottled waters contain fluoride and some do not.  Curious if your favorite brand is? Contact the bottled water’s manufacturer to ask about the fluoride content.

– Eat,- regular nutritious meals! Try to avoid frequent between meal snacking especially snacks loaded with sugar.

And enjoy these 5 foods and beverages for healthy teeth!

1)    Eat a diet rich in high-fiber fruits and vegetables – they stimulate saliva which is the mouth’s first line of defense against cavities because it neutralizes tooth-damaging acids.

2)    Water – Swish after you eat!  It will rinse dirt and acid off teeth.  Plus, fluoridated water will help prevent tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel.

3)    Dairy products (without added sugar) – Dairy products without added sugar help teeth by providing calcium and phosphates; fortified low-fat milk also provides Vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium.  Cheese helps stimulate saliva, while its calcium helps replace minerals leached from the teeth.

4)   Tea–drink up! – Green and black teas contain compounds called polyphenols that fight plaque. These polyphenols have anti-cavity properties and kill or suppress bacteria.

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