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Lying Leg Lifts

  October 7, 2013  |    Blog

Ab Crunches Not Getting the Job Done? Hello LYING LEG LIFTS!


Crunches and sit-ups target the upper abdominals and may not be giving you the results you want to tone your lower belly. Try these lying leg lifts to engage your lower abdominals!

How to:

1. Lay in supine position on a mat—this means lying flat on your back, face up!

2. Your legs should be fully extended & arms at your side.

  • Tip: you may want to put your hands under your butt for support.

3. Begin the exercise by lifting both legs up to be perpendicular with the floor. Concentrate on sucking your belly button into your spine as you do this.

  • It’s okay if your knees are slightly bent.
  • Try to perform this as a slow, controlled motion.

4. With your legs up, lift your butt slightly off the mat—your feet will be moving towards the ceiling.

5. You do not need to hold this position—you may then put your butt back down on the mat.

6. Slowly lower your legs (still only slightly bent) back down to starting position.

7. That’s one full rep!

8. Complete 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

  • Challenge yourself: add a set of scissors to the end of each set!

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