Diet-To-Go Meals Review: By Adrian Hernandez

  December 8, 2013  |    Blog


I had such a fun week!  I had Diet-To-Go delivered –it is such a great system! They deliver right to your door within a few days of ordering! They simply asked me what my allergies were—and then I was on my way to receiving my first Diet-To-Go meals!

As a college student it can be a hassle to make a fresh and healthy meal three times a day six to seven days a week. With Diet-To-Go it was super simple; all I had to do was open the meal, heat it up a bit, and dig in!

My favorite meal was the Thai Chicken with wild rice and side of green beans and cherry tomatoes.

Other favorites were the chicken and turkey burgers. I loved how it was super simple; a bun with a hand ground, fresh, pre-cooked chicken or turkey meat patty. Both patties had seasonings and various ingredients adding to the overall flavor which is always a bonus!It tasted so much better than going through the drive-thru window at McDonald’s or Wendy’s. My

This week long meal system definitely helped give me a break from cooking so much so I had more time to myself as well as my studies. If you are looking for something that will be quick and easy to help simplify your life,) I would recommend Diet-To-Go!



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