9 Easy Ways to Burn Calories After Thanksgiving

  November 26, 2016  |    Blog

Overdid it during Thanksgiving? Don’t despair!

People assume that because we’re registered dietitians and personal trainers that we don’t overdo it at times (if only!) and that we don’t want ways to step up our activity and calorie-burn after Thanksgiving and other holidays.  We give our clients the same advice that we use on ourselves.  So here’s our easy and fun ways to burn a few extra calories and start feeling healthier!

You enjoyed the feast and now it’s time to get back on track. Use the extended holiday weekend to be more active than usual and have fun with the family. Here are some ideas to get moving. Being active will help offset the extra calories consumed and knowing how many calories you burn will give you incentive!

  1. Hit the stores for Black Friday. (156 calories per hour)
  2. Go apple picking in your local orchard for the Fall harvest. (204 calories per hour)
  3. Sign up for a Turkey Trot! (224 calories/hr if walking or 680 calories/hr if running)
  4. Go for a bike ride (of course weather permitting!) (544 calories per hour)
  5. Do some cleaning up around the house. (204 calories per hour)
  6. Put some holiday music on and dance with kids. (306 calories per hour)
  7. Do some gardening and plant bulbs for the spring! (272 calories per hour)
  8. Rake up the leaves or do it for an elderly neighbor. (292 calories per hour)
  9. Take the family to the park and play games like Football. (272 calories per hour)

How do plan to balance your calories consumed and the calories expended this holiday season?



















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